Bright Horizon is pioneer in Speech Therapy Services, we are offering speech therapy services in Jalandhar for Jalandhar residents. After covid lockdown, many children were observed to have speech delays with poor social interaction issues. In general practice, it has come to notice that the lockdown has impacted badly for newborns, born during the lockdown. The developmental age plays a very important role in the development of the child, but due to many reasons like Developmental, Neurological, and environmental, if the child doesn’t grow during this phase then we are supposed to take immediate actions like taking the child to Paediatrician, Neurologists, Rehab Specialists, speech therapist in jalandhar, Consult Bright Horizon.

Speech Therapist in Jalandhar

0 year – 5 Year age is a very crucial age for a child’s life, we should take leverage of time and take necessary action before time get exhausted.  Get speech Therapy done from Bright Horizon near you at Jalandhar. We also offer our speech therapy service In neighboring towns like Kapurthala, Adampur, Kartarpur & Phagwara. We are providing these children achieve maximum social potential. We are also the leading occupation therapist in Jalandhar.

It has over a decade of experience in the assessment, evaluation, and Treatment of Speech Delay, Autism, and Speech Disorders in Children. We have made thousands of families smile again and helped thousands of children to achieve their maximum communication potential. Parents often approach us with lots of apprehensions are always feel satisfied after having a consultation with our experienced, knowledgeable, and empathetic professional consultants.

For the developmental Journey of Child with Bright Horizon call us today at National Care Number i.e  +91-9800990088

Speech Therapy Centre in Jalandhar

Bright Horizon uses the most advanced and updated speech therapy approaches & techniques through handcrafted fun activities to achieve successful outcomes for children. Our team is highly compassionate, creative, and empathetic to provide positive results in Speech Therapy.

If you live in Ludhiana and you suspect any delay in speech and language of your young one or any other signs or symptoms which depict speech issues, then you can seek help from a Speech Therapist in Ludhiana.

Here is the list of to-do for your child if the delay is of 6 Months – 8 months.

1st– Be a chatter Box with the child. (Narrate small stories or good night stories)

2nd– Enrol your child in nearby kindergarten.

3rd– Consult Paediatrician or Bright Horizon near You.

4th – Make a list of all improvements in the development of the child after sending to school.

5th–  If you find slow growth or no growth, consult bright horizon jalandhar with all recorded Improvements.

6th – Initiate immediate Speech Therapy process at Bright Horizon Near You.  +91-9800990088

For the developmental Journey of Child with Bright Horizon call us today at National Care Number i.e  +91-9800990088

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