Therapists at Bright Horizon are among Speech Therapists in Ludhiana, offering its services to Ludhiana residents. Bright Horizon helps children with Speech delays and disorders to improve their language and communication skills. Children with Speech delay and disorders are often poor in understanding, poor in verbal expression, poor in communication, poor in social interactions, misarticulate while speaking, and Stutter, they could even suffer from chewing and feeding issues. These issues sometimes affect the social behavior of children, and they prefer to stay isolated instead of getting social, impacting the overall growth of the child.

The Most Trusted Speech Therapist in Ludhiana

Speech Therapists at Bright Horizon Ludhiana use various speech and language development techniques to improve children’s communication skills. Children with speech delays are often developmental, but sometimes it happens to be observed that delays in speech are because of some neurological conditions and damage to the brain whether by birth or acquired.

The process to proceed with any intervention or treatment of Speech Therapy is to rule out the current status of Speech, language, and communication of the child in the process of Intervention. After understanding and marking the current developmental status of the child, we design the handcrafted intervention plan to cater the individual needs. The treatment plan varies from the development of language to building confidence for encountering social circumstances, depending upon the condition of the child.

Bright Horizon gives very much importance to the age of the child since that is also to be considered while framing the treatment plan. At Bright Horizon all therapeutic treatment/speech therapy for children is done with the playway method only.

Improve Your Child’s Speech with Speech Therapy in Ludhiana

The outcome of speech therapy in Ludhiana at Bright Horizon is very prominent since we do not believe in traditional ways of doing therapies and after a decade of research and development on speech therapy and child development, we have come up with our own ways of manifesting the therapies on the individualized need for speech, language and communication issues.

The irony of Speech, Language, and Communication disorders in India is, they are being delayed diagnosed and addressed.
Often they are considered as the developmental ritual as we have many stories and children to be compared with the situation and we wait and watch for miracles to happen to us. As per the studies, the most effective and fast developmental years of any child’s life are 0 – 5 years. But most of the children visit Child Development Centres or Speech Therapists at the age of 5 and more.
Earlier we start with the process of Speech Therapy, higher the chance of recovery and improvements.

So Parents should approach speech therapists as early as they suspect speech issues or any other significant delay in speech in comparison with children of the same age.

If you find any of signs and symptoms or suspect any signs or symptoms of speech delay in a child, consult rehab specialists/speech therapist in Ludhiana/speech therapists near you/ Bright Horizon in Ludhiana, they will help you understand what needs to be done.  Understanding the development issues earlier in the life of the child will help the child to lead life independently.

We are delivering our services at Ludhiana, @ SCF-10-11, 1st Floor, E Block, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141013, India @ +91 9800990088

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