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What is Behaviour Modification?

Behavior modification is a strategically designed technique that aims to modify problem behaviours by reinforcing desirable behaviours and de-reinforcing the undesirable ones through the use of reinforcements, rewards, restructuring of triggers and other techniques.

Behaviour management plays very pivotal role in managing the Autism and Developmental delays conditions. It has important role to play effectively when there is problem behaviours to be addressed, managing the same help individual to improve personal, social and communication skills.

Behavioural Modification process @ Bright Horizon

Bright Horizon keenly address every experience shared by the parent about the child in terms of Behaviour Problems. We understand and filter all the behaviours shown by the child through causetive triggers and manage accordingly. Sometimes it was observed that the behaviour shown by the child and explianed by the parents are sensory rather than behaviour. So deep insight of every child’s behaviour representation help us framing the need based behaviour modification module.

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Identify the Problem Behaviour

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Define the Target Behaviour

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Define Cause for Target Behaviour

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Develop a Behaviour Modification plan

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Implementation of Behaviour Modification plan

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Monitoring of the progress

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Significance of Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification is important for every individual who shows problem behaviours in daily living. When ever any individual shows problem behaviour then their are very rare chance of learning. It stands like mountain in between learning and child, so to make any individaul learn it is important to manage behavioural issues at first. Behavior modification should be implemented in conjunction with therapeutic interventions, such as speech, occupational therapy, Sensory Integration and Cognitive therapy to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of individuals with autism and developmental Delays.


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    A: Behavioral Therapy is a type of therapy that is implemented on the child showing problem behaviours. The therapy focuses on changing specific problem behaviors by reinforcing positive actions and reducing negative ones. Different behavioural therapies are used for children with autism.
    A: Behavioural Therapy can be beneficial for the children with autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), anxiety, depression, antisocial problem behaviours and many more.
    A: Bright Horizon Behavioral therapy process starts with consultation with our consultant, followed by detailed assessment of the child. After the child is identified with problem behaviours, goals and intervention program is planned and implemented on the child in one-to-one interaction. According to the needs and goals of the child any or the combination of behavioural therapies is implemented on the child. Progress is tracked and measured.
    A: The duration of Behavioral Therapy varies from person to person. It depends on the individual's needs and goals. Some children may need it for few sessions whereas others may require for long term period.
    A: As per the needs and condition of the child, the results are visible to parents. Some may expect the improvements soon while other may see them gradually and slowly.

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