This facility has a very nice staff and I m feeling improvement in my child. I'm very thankful for their effort & encouragement.


They are so professional. My niece had some problem in speech. She had taken the sessions from Bright Horizon and now she is good in her speech.


Skilled and professional team. Dr. Chandresh is doing good work in this field. I highly recommend it for any kind of therapy to children. Good atmosphere and result oriented.


Very professional and highly experienced staff. Their proper guidance from day one helped us a lot. Thanks team Bright Horizon


Opted for home based online intervention speech therapy plan during the lockdown .Extremely satisfied with the diagnostic part...We are not able to visit them because of covid pandemic. Still they customize every bit of the plan for us...Really happy with the services. Best wishes.

Akshav Sehdev

It's been 25 sessions now at Bright Horizons and I am extremely delighted to see a lot of change in my child. His speech and development has increased tremendously. All credits to the professionals here. Thanks for fulfilling the basic need of ours.

Baljit Kaur

I am very glad to find this centre for my child. The therapies ,the work and the care that is provided by all the staff members and especially by teachers are commendable. They are doing hardwork and also helping the child to achieve their motives of life. Everyday, I see new hope, enthusiasm, and energetic environment in school as well as in teachers. I will always be thankful to Bright Horizons. My best wishes to this institute of education.

Harjinder Kaur

I started my son's therapy 8 months ago from Bright Horizons. I had an amazing experience with the Bright Horizons' team. My son has improved a lot. Therapists are very hardworking and dedicated. They put all their efforts to bring out a positive change in these little souls. They provide feedback and share strategies for betterment with parents every week. I am very happy with the way therapists make a personal connection with the kids to make them feel comfortable. Thank you for treating my son with love and care!!!

Gurpreet Kaur

Bright Horizons has been great help in getting my son to move in right direction for development. We have had about 60 sessions and my son is showing a lot of positive change. His speech and gross motor skills are improving. We have support of great therapists here, which makes our experience positive. Having a child with delays is very hard for a parent but things fall into place if therapy is provided. So Bright Horizons is a blessing for all those parents. Always grateful.

Parmjit Kumar

I started my son's therapy one and half months ago from Bright Horizons. I had an amazing experience with Bright Horizons' team. I feel my son has left some bad habits after joining this organisation.


I am really thankful to Bright Horizon and entire team for bringing ray of sunshine in my life. When my child was diagnosed with ASD, I was left hopeless but with the continuous efforts and hard work of the therapists, I have got my kid back. Entire team of Bright Horizon is very dedicated, sympathetic and have patience towards child and his needs. Atmosphere is very calm, neat and clean. One to one approach is followed and transparency is there which is the best part. Even front desk ma'am is very patient, always greet with a big smile. A big thanks to the entire team from the bottom of my heart.

Roop Kaur

Thank you for your great efforts! You people have brought tremendous progress in my son's development. Staff is very professional and efficient. Keep working the way you are doing! Your contribution towards this cause is highly appreciable. Thank you! 🙂

Pardeep Kaur

I had very good experience here. Everything of our little one got sorted out such as eye contact, attention, behaviour issues, understanding, command following and speech. Now we are seeing a lot improvement in him and he is so much better overall with in six months. So it is a great opportunity to change your luck here. We are happily leaving this place. Thanks everyone for your efforts. 😊

Sarbjit Kaur

I have joined Bright Horizons one and half year ago. I had an amazing experience with Bright Horizons' team. My son is very happy. We had wonderful experience. Team are very nice. My son has started understanding most of the things now. We had very good experience here. Thanks Bright Horizons. 🙂