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"Brace Your Child With Everyday Abilities"
Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

"Occupational Therapy: A Ray of Hope & Shine"

Moreover, Occupational Therapy enables kids to participate in activities that are imperative to carry out day-to-day routine jobs so as to meet social, physical, and emotional needs. Furthermore, it involves a series of mental activities, utilizing physical endurance for orientation tasks, finding our self in our own environment and other many related therapeutic activities.

OT facilitates kids’ play and improves their academic performance and their daily tasks. It also spirits up their self-esteem and sense of achievement. Therefore, it is recommended for children (aged 6 to 14 years) with cognitive deficits, developmental problems, compromised gross/fine motor skills, socio-economic limitations, etc.

How occupational Therapist make it happen

"Occupational Therapy Turns Impossible into Possible"

At Bright Horizon, we have a certified and highly experienced team of Occupational Therapists disseminating Occupational Therapies to children dealing with physical, mental, emotional, sensorial and developmental shortcomings. Our professionals apply therapeutically derived technical activities and tools to improve, empower, regain and maintain the overall dexterity required to perform daily routine activities.

Our Occupational Therapists work hand-in-hand with parents to help them understand how immaculate diagnosis impact life, define goals, and guide them across the healing journey. Our Occupational Therapists strive to recognize and understand the uniqueness of every child, and their strengths to support them navigate well through every life challenge. Also, we closely abide by the ever-evolving discoveries or research on childhood developmental conditions, so we can roll out cutting-edge care and services.

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What is the Significance of Occupational Therapy?

The body and mind are interconnected and work in harmony to perform daily tasks perfectly.
Incapability or incompetency of any of the system (Body & Mind) make us struggle in culmination/accomplishment of the life skills on daily basis.
When life throws challenges in accomplishment of daily life skills to lead a perfect life, occupational therapy help every individual to make it happen again.
Occupational Therapy helps in enabling life skills by empowering every individual.

The Occupational Therapy Helps in:

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Reducing Hyperactivity

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Improves Attention span

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Improves Sitting Span

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Improves Meaningful Play

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Improves Learning Abilities

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Academic Growth

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Gross/ Fine Motor skills

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Visual Motor Skills

Sensory Icon

Sensory Processing

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Social Engagement

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Overcome Anxiety

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Overcome Nervousness

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Behavioural Development

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What is the treatment procedure @ Bright Horizon?

"Occupational Therapy is a theory of science, creativity, and compassion."

Bright Horizons take pride in providing a diagnostic procedure for occupational, social, linguistic, and communication disorders. In particular, to initiate therapy, the child will need a standardized assessment evaluation. Usually, it takes one hour to three hours of duration to complete. The therapist will take an interview and will ask for some assessment tasks.

The comprehensive assessment spans a holistic approach to identifying language, feeding, swallowing disorders, motor skills, social interaction, memory, sensory processes, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. Following the assessment session, a well-described consultation report is offered to parents entailing crucial facts about the child’s current and probable future performance.


For enrolment in Occupational Therapy process kindly submit a form for more detail or connect us with our National care Number 9800990088.

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    A: Occupational therapy (OT) is a branch of health care that helps people of all ages with physical, sensory, or cognitive problems. Occupational therapists helps in the development of person's emotional, social, and physical needs through everyday activities, exercises, and other therapies.
    A: Occupational therapy services include rehabilitation, and the promotion of physical and mental health and wellness for people from all age group. Through the provision of skilled services and engagement in everyday activities, occupational therapy promotes physical and mental health and well-being of the people a range of developmental, physical, and mental health disorders.
    A: Occupational Therapy help individuals with a different conditions and needs that may include developmental delays, physical injuries, neurological disorders, mental health conditions. Occupational Therapy is beneficial for age groups from children to adults to old age.
    A: Bright Horizon Occupational therapy process starts with consultation with our consultant, followed by detailed assessment of the child. After the child is diagnosed, goals and need based handcrafted intervention program is planned and implemented on the child in one-to-one interaction.
    A: There are important factors that influence the course of occupational therapy treatment of the child. Some of these factors include severity of the child’s condition, child’s age, consistency in therapeutic session, comorbidity, parents’ involvement in home based programme.
    A: Sensory Occupational therapy is not a cure, but an intervention programme. Therefore it is a journey, where the improvement is gradually seen step by step.

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