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What is Speech Therapy?

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Speech is one of the most precious abilities that human life is bestowed with, to speak or communicate with other people. However, not all children can use this facility effectively. There are children who speak incoherently, and some stutter or stammer due to speech delayed ailments. It is the time one needs to resort to speech therapy.

It assesses and treats delays communication and speech disorders prevalent in children. A comprehensive speech therapy that involves technical activities of oral and mental structures to improvise language, communication, fluency, vocabulary and articulation skills. Speech therapy may be required for hearing impairments that develop in childhood or caused due to injury or stroke.

We empower children with speech and language problems to understand and speak better with more clearly. Therapy plays an indispensable role in assisting kids to improve their quality of life while communicating effectively with others. You can also find us offering speech therapy in Ludhiana to improve your child’s communication.

Who Can be benefited from Speech Therapy?

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The experts in the field are called Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) or simply speech therapists. They identify the problems that obstruct the flow of speech and correct them using distinguished methods of vocalization. Paediatric speech therapy plays a vital role in shaping up child’s personality. A child who faces difficulty in speaking fears complexity or lacks confidence which hinders his progress in academic and non-academic activities.

The therapy does not solve only the communication ailments of the children but also supports in preventing difficulties in eating, feeding, and swallowing. Also, kids dealing with speech problems like dyslexia, dyspraxia, hyper/hypo nasality, other auditory disorders, etc. can be treated through speech therapy used by our therapists at Speech Therapy Centre.

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What is the Significance of Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy for Autism plays very significant role when there are wheels of speech but still, the chariot of communication is not moving from one end to another.

Speech Therapy activities helps any individual to create sounds, convert those sounds into words and with the collaboration of multiple words, one can form a wonderful and understandable sentences. 

With a targeted goal as per the need of the child, Speech therapy improves:-:

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Communication Skills

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Speech Sound Errors

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Weak Oral Motor Skills

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Poor Imitation Skills

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Limited Vocabulary

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Weak Verbal Reasoning Skills

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Swallowing Function

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Speech Therapy Process @ BRIGHT HORIZON?

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At Bright Horizon, speech therapy starts with love for a bond between child and professional. We at Bright Horizon strongly believe that with love and compassion we can bring changes in any individual. Until the child gets connected with professional, we through with the weaknesses and strengths of the child, which help us in framing handcrafted need based targeted goals for the child.
At Bright Horizon Speech therapy often takes place in one-on-one sessions and sometimes with group also for socialization and generalization of learnt skills or depending on the type of disorder. Accordingly, time to time the evaluations are being conducted for the development of skills. And goals get updated as per the child’s pertaining concurrent developmental status, problem, age, and needs.

During the Speech therapy, the expert interacts with kids through play way and fun activities by managing the behaviours and other speech skills simultaneously.
Speech Therapist uses TLMs, Toys, Speech Tools, books, pictures and other learning objects with all efforts to retain children in a session for better understanding of language and formation of speech sounds.  

Furthermore, the language interventions concepts help stimulate effective language development and interactive learning. Also, special focus is rendered upon sounds and syllables to make child understand the essence of specific sounds or tones. Lastly, a strategically approach and homework is given to child and parent on how to carry out speech therapy at home. 


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    A: Speech therapy is a treatment program that focuses on achieving child’s speech developmental milestones, improving child’s speech, Language, communication and abilities to understand and express verbal and non-verbal language.
    A: Every child develops at his or her own pace. If a child doesn’t talk as much as other children of the same age, this could indicate speech delay. When a child isn’t developing speech and language at an expected rate and does not meet typical speech milestones, this is called speech delay.
    A: Yes! Speech delay is a major concern, as speech delay could result due to hearing loss, developmental delay in other areas, or sometimes even autism spectrum disorder. Therefore, It is important to visit a doctor or speech language pathologist at earliest if any symptom of speech delay is found.
    A: Speech therapist or speech-language pathologists are trained personnel in the field of speech delay and disorders. They do screening, assessment, diagnosis, Manage treatment plans.
    A: If the child is showing speech delays or disorder parents will always be the first to notice. It is very important that Parents should not proceed with home based therapy without professional guidance. But there are some basic approaches that you can try during speech therapy at home to help your child. Communicating with the child as much as possible, providing maximum opportunities for the child to speak, using positive reinforcement are some techniques that can be used at home by parents.
    A: Bright Horizon speech therapy process starts with consultation with our consultant, followed by detailed assessment of the child. After the child is diagnosed, goals and intervention program is planned and implemented on the child in one-to-one interaction.
    A: Speech therapy helps in developing conversational skills of the child to improve interactions with others, expressing himself/herself through verbal or non-verbal mode, understanding and interpreting the verbal communication, improvising cognitive skills.
    A: Researches do indicate that frequency, intensity and duration of treatment impacts outcomes. There are various factors that decide the duration of speech therapy treatment of the child. Severity of the child’s condition, child’s age, consistency in therapeutic session, comorbidity, parents’ involvement in home based programme are some factors that suggest the duration of speech therapy treatment.
    A: Parents need to understand that speech therapy is not a cure, but an intervention programme focusing at facilitating the language and communications skills in the child. Therefore it is a journey, where the improvement is gradually seen step by step.

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