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What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory integration is the process by which the brain receives and processes information from the senses. Brain and senses work in harmony to understand the environment and help us in best adjustment to the current situation thrown by the environment. The sense are like sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell etc in order to produce appropriate responses, these all sense needs to be work in association with body and brain. It is a crucial process of daily functioning, which allows individuals to interact with their environment and respond to back as it is needed.

Significance of Sensory Integration

Children / Individual having sensory processing issues find difficulty in managing their-self in their environment. The Branch of occupational therapy called Sensory Integration helps individual to manage these difficulties through intentionally designed activities for every sense.

The significance of sensory integration is in its ability to improve an individual’s ability to process and respond to sensory information in a more improved, effective and adaptive manner. Which in turn help children in mentioned domain of life like Sitting, Attention, Concentration, Social Interaction, Communication and Behaviour.

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What is the treatment procedure @ Bright Horizon?

"Occupational Therapy is a theory of science, creativity, and compassion."

Bright Horizons take pride in providing a diagnostic procedure for occupational, social, linguistic, and communication disorders. In particular, to initiate therapy, the child will need a standardized assessment evaluation. Usually, it takes one hour to three hours of duration to complete. The therapist will take an interview and will ask for some assessment tasks.

The comprehensive assessment spans a holistic approach to identifying language, feeding, swallowing disorders, motor skills, social interaction, memory, sensory processes, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills. Following the assessment session, a well-described consultation report is offered to parents entailing crucial facts about the child’s current and probable future performance.


For enrolment in Sensory Integration process kindly submit a form for more detail or connect us with our National care Number 9800990088.

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    A: Sensory integration therapy is mainly an intervention program designed to address the sensory issues related to developmental disorders and Autism. The purpose of sensory integration is to help children improve their sense’s process and align them to integrate the sensory inputs to get appropriate adaptive response to everyday stimuli.
    A: Researches have shown that Sensory Integration therapy can problematic behaviour or repetitive behaviour of the child. These behaviours can be related to difficulties with processing sensory information. It helps children to integrate, or combine all the information they get from their senses to make sense of the world around themselves and successfully interact in their world.
    A: e experience, interpret and react to information coming from our senses. Sensory integration is important in all the things that we need to do on a daily basis, such as getting dressed, eating, moving around, socialising, learning and working. Children with Sensory Integration Disorder if not helped then their ability to succeed can be hindered by the condition. As well, the stress caused by the condition can lead to anxiety, depression or behaviour problems. So it is always important that children get a proper diagnosis so that they can get the proper treatment.
    A: Sensory integration helps the child in various way . Some of those include efficient organization of sensory information, self-regulations, improved function in school, home and community, improved independence with activities of daily living (ADLs), maximized functional ability to perform daily and recreational activities, enhanced motor planning ability, active involvement and exploration of environments.
    A: Bright Horizon Sensory therapy process starts with consultation with our consultant, followed by detailed assessment of the child for his/her hypo or hypersensitivities of the senses. After the child is diagnosed, goals and intervention program is planned and implemented on the child in one-to-one interaction.
    A: There are important factors that influence the course of sensory integration therapy treatment of the child. Some of these factors include severity of the child’s sensory condition, child’s age, consistency in therapeutic session, comorbidity, parents’ involvement in home based programme.
    A: Sensory integration therapy is not a cure, but an intervention programme. Therefore it is a journey, where the improvement is gradually seen step by step.

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