Autism is a developmental disorder in Children. Autism is called a developmental disorder because symptoms usually appear with the growth and age of the child. Some of the major symptoms of autism are Poor eye contact, Poor response in their own name, Unusual body movements, unusual body postures, unusual behaviors, delay in speech and understanding, Love to be in isolation, and repetitive movements or behaviors.

Autism Treatment in Ludhiana

There are many early signs & symptoms of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder but it has been evident that few signs and symptoms are very prominent in children. Usually, they have difficulty in understanding and expressing themselves verbally with others. They found difficulty in connecting with people and therefore have poor social communication skills. Children with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder Lacks in attention and concentration at tasks. Symptoms of autism can vary from mild to severe depending on the condition of the child. Autism can have a wide variety of symptoms, so if you suspect something unusual like the love of being alone, difficulty in connecting with peer mates, Unusual play activities, repetition in activities and behavior, showing signs of poor learning or understanding. If you find any unusual behavior or signs you should get your child’s consultation done with Rehab-Specialists near you or get it checked with Bright Horizon Near You. You can find Bright Horizon’s Free Speech Delay Screening Tool, Autism Screening Tool, IQ Screening Tool etc on the Website of Bright Horizon. These online screening tools will help you in understanding the current developmental milestone of your child and accordingly, you can take action without wasting even a single day.

The Intervention Goal of Autism Speech Therapy is to minimize the symptoms of the child with autism so that he/she can lead a life smoothly. The very important factor in the intervention/treatment of children having autism is age, as early as you begin the process of intervention, earliest the child will lead a wonderful life.  The therapeutic goal to intervene in a child with Autism is to Alter the child’s behavior through Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) / Behavioural Modification Therapy and maximize his/her abilities to do daily tasks.

Autism Treatment / Autism therapy at Bright Horizon has a very high success rate and most children do respond to these therapies. At Bright Horizon we have a handcrafted individualized program that is being manifested through a one-on-one basis for children with autism. However, two other factors which play a very important role in autism treatment are early intervention and parental emotional strengths (Helps in being empathetic rather than being Sympathetic). Our experts begin with the process of rapport building, this process is meant to create a positive foundation so that whenever the learning demands are placed upon the child with Autism /individual, the child will be more likely to comply with demands. The child shall also willingly approach the behavior technician, which gives a great sign that the child is acquainted with the pre-requisite of the learning process. Later the handcrafted intervention plans are implemented through various learning techniques depending on the learning pattern of the child. The process has yielded excellent results in thousands of children and we have delivered implausible services to thousands of families visiting from Ludhiana and NRI from foreign lands for the treatment of Autism.

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Bright Horizon works with parents hand on hand to guide home activities and positive engagements of children at home for fast recovery of the children.  We do suggest toys, sensory toys, and customized kits for home therapy for children with autism.  If your child is already enrolled at our center or any other therapeutic center for therapeutic treatment then also you can still use the Robust Autism kit for children at home. This kit will help you train your child in many areas, improving understanding skills and language, Name responding, and Academic skills helps in minimizing sensory issues at home, this will be added to quick results and excellent recovery of your child.

Bright Horizon is a leading clinic in Punjab to treat Autistic Children. We do have multiple locations in prime Cities of Punjab. So if you are looking for Autism Treatment in Ludhiana. You can Drive your child to our clinic for a consultation and then we can analyze, that how Bright Horizon can help you, to nature a child with Autism in a better way. Our Autism treatments are not only restricted to Ludhiana but we are also offering Autism treatment in Jalandhar.

So if you find any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms you can contact Bright Horizon for the best Autism treatment in Ludhiana near you. You can call us or WhatsApp for More Details @ our Customer Care Number +91-9800-9900-88

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